Unsportsman-Like Conduct: The Best Touchdown Celebrations Ever!

When a touchdown is scored many emotions arise. There is a feeling of achievement, self-satisfaction, and team success. These feelings are always present.  

One thing that isn’t consistent is the reaction to these feelings. The player can simply hand the ball off to the referee and simply celebrate with his teammates in a hug or embrace as if he has done it all before. Or, as we all prefer, go buck wild and put on a show.  

These celebrations can be extravagantly planned in order to impress all. They can be a case in which a surplus of emotion causes awkward and hilarious outcomes. Or they can just be a way to be remembered. Just about any way a touchdown celebration comes, it’s priceless. Here are nine such performances that will live forever in football history, whether they meant to or not.

9. Georgia vs. Florida

This one took big brass ones. Not only by the players, but more importantly, the coaches. The coaches had to o.k. this celebration, which is pretty mind blowing. I do like the message it sent though. It showed unity and sense of shared success. It let Florida know that Georgia was there, together, and fired up.

It is just too bad that this celebration fueled the fire for the thumping Florida would dole out the year after. You just have to realize that something this big is not going to be forgotten, not for a long long time.

8. Anquan Boldin vs. a Chief Fan

I didn’t even know anything like this had ever happened. I knew that Boldin had some anger issues but this is crazy. Think about spending a great sunday afternoon at Arrowhead Stadium, then…bam! A football is hurled at you by Anquan Boldin. You didn’t sign up for this…why would you?

You just wanted to watch some football. Not watch a football unexpectedly fly toward your melon. As far as touchdown celebrations go, this one is one of the best. You show em’ Anquan. You show the fans that an opposing team scoring a touchdown isn’t the worst thing that could happen. You could get hit violently by a flying object afterwards.

7. Terrell Owens vs. Ravens

There is a lot of background behind this one. When Owens was trying to get a trade from the 49ers, the Ravens thought they had a package in place to get him. Owens then refused the trade. This made the entire Ravens organization very very angry.  

Ray Lewis was one of the people in the Ravens organization that felt that way. Owens then accepted a trade to the Eagles. So the very first time Owens met the Ravens on the field and scores a touchdown, he mocks Lewis. Not very nice, but very entertaining. Almost as entertaining as his response to people’s reaction about this celebration.

“It’s discouraging at times that I get labeled and put in that same mold and that I’m the worst guy that ever put on a uniform,” Owens said. “It’s funny. I listen to all the comments and it baffles me.

“You have a guy like Ray Lewis, who I thought he was pretty much my friend. This is a guy, double murder case, and he could have been in jail, but it seems like the league embraces a guy like that. But I’m going out scoring touchdowns and having fun, but I’m the bad guy.”

Eloquent….so well put. You entertaining and horrible human being.

6. Duck, Duck, Goose

This celebration is on this list simply because I’ve never seen anything like it before. It’s part original yet very sad in a way. It is the high water mark of football boredom. Boredom of being in the Canadian Football League. You have to do something for people to notice you when you’re in Winnepeg.  

Still I applaud them for doing something different and pushing the legend that is the joyous human spirit.

5. Referee Ball Spike

There isn’t much in the way of creativity or flare on this one. Just good ol’ american nut slammin’. I watch this and expect to hear Bob Saget making his weird Jerry Lewis voice, commentating this whole scenario. I hope this poor ref didn’t show up for his crummy arena football gig thinking, “man this job sucks, but at least I don’t get hit in the groin”. Not today friend.  

I hope your life only got better from that point on.

4. Football Bowling

Again this is just a case of boredom and creativity coming together to form a touchdown masterpiece. Also it seems like it’s a college scrimmage, which is a perfect forum to perform this celebration without a coach ripping your head clean off. It also looks like the two opposing teams came together for this artful event to come into fruition.  

When expression and celebration come together like this, it must be recognized. That’s what I’m here for, to shed light on this beautiful display.

3. Randy Moss Moon

All around great. When I first saw this celebration live I really liked it. Then I found out the back story to it, and I loved it.  So I guess the Packers fans have a tradition. A tradition that is great. When visiting team buses leave Lambeau Field the fans get together. The collectively wait until the bus passes them, then whammo! They drop their drawers and show the opposing team their third eye.  Just beautiful.

People lost their minds in Green Bay. Joe Buck lost his mind during the telecast, calling the act “disgusting”. Go ahead and watch the video again and listen to how angry this makes Joe Buck. Go ahead I’ll wait………………….can you feel his animossity (see what I did, I added Moss to animosity). 

2. Just About As Bad As It Can Get

This has it all.  I mean everything. Watch it close. We go back to the Canadian Football League for this gem. Follow it with me. The Toronto quarterback gets into the end-zone. He goes for the spike. He then begins to talk smack. While talking trash he spikes the ball, a very hard combination. Then beautifully God punishes his trash talking and makes the pigskin bounce back into the QB’s bean bag.  

It doesn’t stop there. The player he was yapping at pushes him to the ground. Just awsome. The fall knocks down another player who lands on top of the QB. He then gets a flag for celebrating. You think that this would deter him from continuing, but no. After it’s over he is being pulled away from the opposing players by his teammates. I love everything about this celebration and the moxy of this bungling Toronto quarterback. This article is starting to sell me on the CFL.

1. Joe Horn’s Phone Is Blowing Up

It doesn’t get better than this. This event exemplifies everything that is great about the touchdown celebration. Creativity, excitement, flare, and a complete lack of professionalism. It’s Joe Horn baby! The greatest thing about it is that he had to know he was scoring a touchdown that night. That cell phone was put there by him that night.  

What happens if he doesn’t score that game? How to do you pull the cell phone out of there after the game that night and not feel like a loser. You think that wasn’t the first game he had the cell phone in the goal post?  Maybe it was there and couldn’t come out prior because he didn’t get into the end-zone. We’ll never know, but I do know this is the pinnacle of football celebration. You will be remembered forever Joe Horn. Forever.

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