Six Really Weird Fitness Products

The world of inventions is vast, dynamic, clever and also sometimes dumb. But there’s dumb and then there’s really dumb as evidenced below with some really weird fitness products that should never have left the drawing table. Consider the following at your own risk.

The Dumbbell Phone

The Japanese have a word for useless inventions. Chindogu is the winner as a dumbbell attachment to the telephone. It’s a way of multi-tasking while at the office and with it comes a personal fitness trainer who calls every hour during the day providing eight workouts during your work schedule! If you are so inclined, you should be advised that the gadget only works on retro model phones (helpful no?) and the iPhone attachment must be ordered separately.

The Hawaii Chair

According to the inventors of this contraption: “if you can sit, you can get fit.” This is, for all intents and purposes, an office chair that has found another job. Its seat spins and vibrates with the goal of keeping the occupant completely and constantly off balance. (You don’t need a chair for that; there’s always the boss.) Whether or not you will get a good workout may remain a moot point, but watching people exercise on this chair is sure to make you laugh.

The Gas Powered Pogo Stick #2

Originally powered with butane, this stupid invention dates back to 1958. Part pogo stick and part jackhammer, you will get a run for your money whether you lose weight or no. According to the inventor’s son:

“It once ran on butane, but really jumped high when we used a mixture of acetylene and oxygen!”

Coin Operated Fitness Vending Machine

Another brainchild of the Japanese, this coin-operated fitness machine claims to strengthen core muscles, improve balance and burn calories by traveling around your feet. It costs about $4.00 for a ten-minute spin around both your feet and your wallet.

The Prosepra We Surf Home Surfing Machine

Truly off the wall, this exercise gadget is made with a clear market in mind; namely, the surfer wannabe who lives nowhere near any surf or even running water for that matter, except for maybe a leaky faucet. The machine promises the fat burning benefits associated with the sport and it’s all accomplished without being anywhere near surf.

Muscle Stimulating Electrodes

This rip-off contraption made a film appearance in a movie by martial arts guru, Bruce Lee. It has been used legitimately by both physical therapists and chiropractors over the years as a means to stimulate atrophied muscles, but that is a far cry from building massive biceps, which the producers of this machine claim it can do.

In summation, avoid all of the above, anyone who sells them and/or anyone telling you these things work.

Stick to traditional exercise formats. The one reason they have been around so long is because they work!

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