The New York City Subway No Pants Ride

It is said that the Big Apple is a place where anything can happen. It looks like that is definitely the bare and honest truth as an estimated 3,500 commuters dropped their trousers in unison to celebrate the 10th annual No Pants Subway Ride.

Believe it or not, this strange occasion was established back in 2002 by an organization known as Improv Everywhere. Fifty cities in other countries have followed suit (or should we say non-suit?) and tens of thousands of people have participated in taking their pants off, for well, no one seems to know exactly why, or even care, for that matter.

In order to be a part of the “strip mob,” participants had certain rules to follow. They all boarded trains at a designated time, and, once en route, silently removed their pants, leaving those nearby in the dark and open-mouthed. They needed to be willing to take their pants off and keep a straight face if challenged by the public. Their instructions included pretending to have forgotten their pants.

All the trains carrying the pants-less crew reached Union Square (14th Street) at about the same time.

A brave crew of about 100 people from London held a similar event, billing themselves as the No Trousers Tube Ride. The title change came about to avoid confusion concerning the diverse significance of the word, pants, in the United Kingdom. The happening was also duplicated in South Africa. In Johannesburg, however, a sense of humor seem a bit lacking, as the 34 participants were accused of public indecency and hauled away in handcuffs before being released without charge.

The morale to this story?

Keep your pants on as long as possible and when you take them off, make sure you are in company that will appreciate such action!

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