5 Reasons We Need A RoboCop Statue

It all began in early February when Detroit Mayor Dave Bing began accepting suggestions for the city’s future via Twitter. One of the more interesting suggestions was that the city construct a RoboCop statue. While the suggestion may have initially been intended as a joke, the idea took on a life of it’s own. Mayor Bing quickly denounced the idea, but in under a week a campaign was established to raise funds for the statue through various social networks. Since then the news has been spreading across the web like a gas station on fire. Since we agree with this plan hundred percent, we figured we’d give you five reasons why this is an awesome plan to not only rebuild Detroit, but America as well.

5. Detroit Needs It

The city is still reeling from that little recession we just had, as are many American towns and cities. However, Detroit got hit hard when American automakers started closing up factories. For example, as of December, 2010, Detroit has an unemployment rate close to 20% and remains one of the most violent cities in the country. With those kind of stats describing your hometown it’s no surprise that the people of Detroit aren’t too happy about the current situation. They need anything to get back on track. Something to feel good about themselves and their city, even at the expense of being a joke. The city has gotten a lot of buzz over this topic, and overall, that’s a good thing. Instead of talking about how bad Detroit is, people are talking about a freaking RoboCop statue. It’s fun, awesome, and lighthearted. It’s giving people something to look forward to, and that sense of optimism could be the beginning of restoring the city. Let’s also not forget that if this statue is built there will be tourists going to the Motor City to check it out for themselves.

4. A Symbol of Hope

RoboCop was more than just a sci-fi/action flick about some renegade cop awesomely killing thugs. Underneath the violence was a film showcasing the true effects of Reaganomics during the 1980’s. In fact, some people have argued that it’s the second best film to address the dangers that Reaganomics had in southeastern Michigan. We’re talking about greedy corporations that are allowed to privatize every aspect of the public sector, like the police. It’s also address the divide between the rich and the poor, and how the rich are so naive to the blight of those less fortunate. So, where does RoboCop fit in? RoboCop, by the end of the film, sheds his corporate name and refuses to follow orders. He kills the corporate suits who not only destroyed his previous live, but also the lives of those less fortunate, which he did in all three films. RoboCop became the voice of the voiceless and showed people, both on film and in reality, that one man can make a difference and make the world a better place no matter how big the obstacle. And don’t we need that more than ever?

3. Other Cities Have Even Stranger Statues

We all know that Philly has the Rocky statue, but there are many other cities and towns that have forever memorialized a fictional character. Metropolis, Illinois has Superman, Tokyo built a Gundam statue, New York’s Port Authority entrance terminal constructed one of The Honeymooner’s Ralph Kramden, San Fran has a Yoda statue and finally downtown Milwaukee has the “Bronze Fronz”. Suddenly a RoboCop statue doesn’t sound that ridiculous, does it?

2. The Campaign Is Giving Back

Many opposed to the RoboCop statue have stated that the money used to build it could be used for something more worthy in Detroit, like schools. However, the city isn’t paying for it. Instead there’s been a fund driving site set up over at Kickstarter. Not only are they raising money for this project, but they’re also raising funds and awareness to other initiatives that Detroit desperately needs. Donations are matched and distributed to other areas, like Detroit’s public schools. But even before this campaign, RoboCop was doing more than just entertaining us by taking the time out to do a PSA against drugs. Once again, RoboCop is helping Detroit become a better city.

1. The People Want It

Once the word got out about the RoboCop statue, people sprung into action to make this a reality. Kickstarter not only raised the $50,000 to construct the statue, they managed to receive over $65,000 in donations. Whether it’s because people sincerely want a RoboCop statue, or think it’s merely hilarious, they still took the time and resources to get this project done. Also check out the comments left on the local Fox affiliate’s site in Detroit. A majority of them are in favor of such a monument. Oh yeah, even RoboCop himself, Peter Weller, is all for it. This all means that a lot of people are in support of these happening and when that happens you just have to give the people what they want. Don’t believe me? Just turn on the news and see what’s happening in the Middle East right now. Yeah, that could be Detroit if they don’t get their RoboCop statue.

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  1. Ben Bertin says:

    “Donations are matched and distributed to other areas, like Detroit’s public schools.”

    Can you list the source of this information? I’ve heard of the tangent “Robocharity” Facebook movement, unrelated to the Kickstarter and statue except that it was formed in response to it, but haven’t yet heard any news about any matched donations or anything of the sort. And maybe I’m mistaken, but doesn’t Kickstarter require some sort of budget for proposed projects? If that were true, at least $50,000 of the total amount raised contractually HAS to be spent on the statue, maybe all of it. Kickstarter also states clearly on their site that they do not accept charity project proposals — I imagine that if Imagination Station, whose project this is, attempted to use the money for anything other than RoboStatue, they would be faced with some resistance.