Martial Arts Spotlight: The Power of Jeet Kune Do

Anyone who is a fan of Bruce Lee can attest to how fast he was in combat. As a kid, watching him in such films as Enter The Dragon and “The Chinese Connection” only increased my curiousity into Bruce Lee’s hybrid martial art which he invented, Jeet Kune Do. Last week I checked out his book The Tao of Jeet Kune Do, and it enhanced my fight intelligence tenfold; with the insight you gain in this article, I hope you soon decide to take a class or study the art of Jeet Kune Do for your own personal growth and mental capacity. Bruce Lee explains it in Longstreet


The core concepts of Jeet Kune Do are related to Wing Chun, which I have written on AMOG before as well. Jeet Kune Do integrates Wing Chun, fencing, elements of sparring, and western boxing for a complete, philosophical fighting style that requires as much thinking and technique to outsmart your opponent. The beginning stance of a Jeet Kune Do fighter is relaxed, with knees bent and the balls of your feet loose and flexible, ready for attack at anytime. Bruce Lee is famous for stating how important it is to take away the unessentials in fighting; only keep what you need, and discard the rest.


Coordination is extremely important in martial arts, and Jeet Kune Do is no different. Balance and coordination are the driving force behind any martial art. Bruce Lee once said:

“I have not invented a “new style,” composite, modified or otherwise that is set within distinct form as apart from “this” method or “that” method. On the contrary, I hope to free my followers from clinging to styles, patterns, or molds. Remember that Jeet Kune Do is merely a name used, a mirror in which to see “ourselves”. . . Jeet Kune Do is not an organized institution that one can be a member of. Either you understand or you don’t, and that is that. There is no mystery about my style. My movements are simple, direct and non-classical. The extraordinary part of it lies in its simplicity. Every movement in Jeet Kune-Do is being so of itself. There is nothing artificial about it. I always believe that the easy way is the right way. Jeet Kune-Do is simply the direct expression of one’s feelings with the minimum of movements and energy. The closer to the true way of Kung Fu, the less wastage of expression there is. Finally, a Jeet Kune Do man who says Jeet Kune Do is exclusively Jeet Kune Do is simply not with it. He is still hung up on his self-closing resistance, in this case anchored down to reactionary pattern, and naturally is still bound by another modified pattern and can move within its limits. He has not digested the simple fact that truth exists outside all molds; pattern and awareness is never exclusive. Again let me remind you Jeet Kune Do is just a name used, a boat to get one across, and once across it is to be discarded and not to be carried on one’s back”.

There’s a lot I could write about the book and what I’ve learned, but I recommend you read it for yourself, you won’t regret it. You can buy the book, The tao of Jeet Kune Do, on Amazon. Till next time, keep kicking ass!

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