How to Host a March Madness Bash

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If you’ve never hosted a March Madness bash, you may be a little worried about how to do it- you’ve got tons of friends who looooooove basketball and are dying to come over and make bets and watch the games.

If you’re planning on hosting a March Madness party (which can actually be a pretty scary and daunting task considering) here’s a few tips so you don’t end up unhappy guests or a trashed house.

Before the game:

  • Make arrangements to rent, buy, or borrow a big-screen TV, as well as additional chairs and table- no one wants to watch March Madness on a teeny tiny TV… they may as well go out to a bar if you don’t have one.
  • This will make it more enjoyable for everyone, as they’ll have a place to sit and will still be able to see the game. Plan your menu, and do as much shopping as possible ahead of time.

Keep it simple, just a few main dishes, such as chili, hot dogs or other easy-to-eat foods (can’t forget the wings) and a few snacks and desserts.

If you want, you can provide the main course and have guests bring their favorite sides and dessert.


Just let them know what you’re planning to have so they will know what to bring as an accompaniment.

  • Decide on whether you will supply alcohol or if guests are expected to supply their own, and you will supply ice, mixers, and other things.
  • Set aside a separate area for wives or girlfriends who may not necessarily want to watch the game but still want to partake in the March Madness fun.
  • Providing board games, card games, or other forms of entertainment is a nice touch during down time.
  • Make sure everyone coming knows what’s going on with March Madness- as doing some betting with friends isn’t out of the question.

One of the more popular games right now is known as “Bunco.” If your guests, including those who may not be interested in the basketball itself, want to play this popular dice game, consider setting aside an area specifically designated for Bunco. If necessary, move the game to an entire separate room so that everyone can enjoy their chosen activities.

If children will be attending, provide a separate area for them to play if they are younger, or simply to congregate to talk if they are older. Make sure, however, that all groups—older and younger children—are under the watchful eye of at least one adult.

After the game:

  • Determine if anyone is too intoxicated to drive home safely, and make alternate arrangements if needed; calling a cab or arranging for a ride home, or providing a place for the person to sleep are all options.
  • Clean up only what is necessary – dumping leftover drinks so children and pets can’t accidentally drink alcoholic beverages, disposing of food so that it won’t stink, and so forth. Then, leave the rest (returning borrowed items, doing a major clean-up, etc.) until you have more time.

If you follow these guidelines, you will find that hosting a March Madness bash isn’t to bad… in fact, you may enjoy it so much that you decide to make it a yearly event- just make sure take notice of anything that got broken.

Also, take notice of angry neighbors. That’s usually a sign of an awesome party.

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