How Your Fashion Should Age with Your Wardrobe

Want the timeless sense of fashion, the kind that never fades, only gets better with age? Then you better listen up, cause it’s not what you find American¬†teenagers usually doing (too trendy) and the red carpet of Hollywood is too¬†pretentious. Your style should be your very own, whether you’re just getting eggs and milk from the supermarket, or stepping back into the dating scene after a long hiatus.

Here’s what AMOG suggests you shouldnt get-

1. Excessive Piercings

I don’t care what band you listen to or how pissed off it’ll make your parents, if you get piercings that don’t flatter your face and body, you will have dogs howling and won’t be allowed within 100 feet of a daycare, guaranteed!

2. Graphic shirts with stupid sayings on them

You can find a lot of these online, which is exactly where you shouldn’t shop for shirts that say things like, “I’m with stupid”. wearing this is fashion suicide, and we at AMOG advise you to step your game up if this is what you think of reaching for first in your closet.

3. Miniskirts

Ladies (fellas AMOG better not ever hear of you wearing a miniskirt), we don’t mind miniskirts in the least; just don’t be too slutty with it and wear them all the time. And if you’re out of shape, miniskirts are out of the question. Consult an AMOG reader before wearing.

4. Urban labels

If you do have a Baby Phat, no one should know about it. If you wear a FUBU, please stop immediately! There are too many dope clothes out there to be wearing uninspired trends from the earlier decades. Step your game up and rock affordable yet high quality brands like Moncler, Coogi, or LRG.

Got a fashion do/don’t you think I missed? Let’s hear them in the comments!

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