AMOG’s Pride! The Day Casey Became a Man

Being into martial arts as long as I have, I love to see when a bully gets his wimpy ass beat by someone bigger. First off, if you weigh a little more than an adult cat, why pick on someone hella bigger than you?  have you ever been bullied? ever been pushed to the point of being cornered and you don’t know what to do next? do what this little fat kid does in the video below


That, my friends, takes courage. What Casey Heynes did when he slammed that kid to the ground is what I live for, feed off of, and love writing you to about every waking day, reader.  AMOG would like to award our first annual ‘becoming a man’ trophy to Casey, because he is a man for standing up for himself and not taking punches from somebody.

I wish I had done that in high school; been able to stand up to the punks who used to try and get the best of me and my beaming intellect. But now that I’m ok and successful, it’s better I advise you to make sure when someone tries to mess with you, you have to stop him! Period.

When all of your friends leave you, whats the one thing that remains? You. Casey has contemplated suicide, been through a lot of turmoil that he didn’t deserve, and that day stood up for himself.  What do you think, readers?

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