Some of The World’s Strangest Organized Fights

It wouldn’t ordinarily seem that such diversity among the ways to organize battles between individuals of all kinds could exist, and yet, as is the way of most things in this dynamic and specialized world of ours, even fighting has its own weird niches. Here are some organized fights that take the cake (or at least should get a taste of it). Most of them are true; some are… well, you decide.

Boxing Kangaroos

Male Australian Eastern Grey Kangaroos have dangerous forepaws and they actually box with each other with all the power and combat skills of a professional human boxer. Each hind claw is as sharp as a razor with the capacity to potentially disembowel the opponent. A thick layer of skin and abdominal tissue are nature’s protection for the organs of each kangaroo.

When kangaroos thump each other the sound is like that of a loud beating drum and the image of the boxing kangaroo dates back to at least 1891 when a cartoon entitled: Jack, the Fighting Kangaroo With Professor Lendermann, which appeared in a Sydney newspaper. The traveling shows of the day often featured kangaroos wearing boxing gloves and fighting against men. The boxing kangaroo also became a symbol of the Royal Australian Air Force during World War II.

The International Federation of Fighting Goats (IFFG)

If you believe in elves, you might consider this story about the IFFG. Established by Keith, aka, “Boom Boom”, and his two friends, Mark “The Sniffer” and Andre “The Mad Russian” breeder, trainer and fluffer, the International Federation of Fighting Goats boasts of some serious rules for goat-fighting competitions, which includes the proviso that only American and Ukrainian fighting goats will be used due to the fact that these two countries are reputed to have the angriest goats in the world, and each of the competing goats has the capacity to understand at least seven languages.

The goats do not physically fight. They compete by staring down one another. All participating male goats must have 3 out of six working testicles and female goats 13 out of 22 lactating nipples. Verification of this fact is the sole responsibility of the sniffer, and anyone who believes this may be eligible to purchase the up and coming sale of the bridge that connects Brooklyn, New York, to Manhattan.

The Homeless Men Fighting Video

Ray Laticia is a controversial Las Vegas filmmaker  who produced a video entitled Bumfights: Cause for Concern, Volume 1, that went insanely viral. It featured shocking footage of homeless men fighting with each other and risking their lives to perform dangerous stunts.

The 23-year-old filmmaker told CNN by telephone:

“The homeless men featured in B agreed to be videotaped and signed release forms that free the filmmakers from liability… The men were sober and mentally competent when they were taped.”

His website, however, tells another story as it promises that:

“You will see drunk bums beating each other silly.”

Laticia claims that the men declined offers of compensation of food, clothing or money ($20-$100) and most agreed to participate in the video free of charge. The video sells for $19.95 and features disturbing scenes such as the one of a homeless man going down a flight of stairs in a shopping cart. Thousands of copies have been sold and Laticia is planning both a volume two and three for the near future.

The producer told CNN that he expects to donate a percentage of the film’s proceeds to a homeless charity, but has not yet decided which one.

The final question is:

Are YOU ready to fight?

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