Famous Braniacs: Celebrity MENSA Members

Are you a member of MENSA? Probably not. I’m not trying to insult you, but MENSA only allows the top 2% (according to their standardized test) into their high IQ society. This means that about 1 in 50 people either is a member of MENSA or could qualify.

Of course, with all of the talented celebrities and other famous people, there’s bound to be some of them that are MENSA members, right? Sure! Some of them will come as no surprise, but others will surprise the heck out of you.

Julie Peterson (born September 29, 1964)
IQ: 154-156

What? Yes, that’s right. This former Playboy Playmate of the month in February 1987 from Maryland. She is now a chiropractor that graduated from Life University in Georgia. Brains and beauty!

Asia Carrera (Given name: Jessica Steinhauser; born August 6, 1973)
IQ: 156

Believe it or not this former porn star (retired from the business in 2003) is indeed a member of MENSA. She ran away from home when she was 17 because her parents pushed her too hard to succeed academically. Asia Carrera was a go-go dancer for a while then went into the porn film business.

Jill St. John (Given name: Jill Oppenheim; born August 14, 1940)
IQ: 162

Now retired from acting, Jill St. John was in many films in the 1960s and 1970s including the James Bond film Diamonds are Forever (1971), in which she was the Bond girl Tiffany case and played opposite Sean Connery.

Alan Rachins (born October 3, 1942)
IQ: 158

You would best know Alan Rachins from his role as Douglas Brackman on the television drama L.A. Law. He’s also a brilliant screenwriter as well. His high IQ really isn’t that much of a surprise to anyone, except those who remember that he was in Showgirls.

Steve Martin (born August 14, 1945)

It never occurred to me before I learned that Steve Martin was a MENSA member, but it’s not surprising. As a comedian and actor, he’s played goofy and even stupid roles, but he does it brilliantly. He’s also an awesome playwright and producer. Moreover, he’s a composer and musician. Is there anything Martin can’t do?

Goldie Hawn (born November 21, 1945)

This actress and producer not only had great looks in her day, but she’s also a member of MENSA. She’s been in movies from 1968 to present and also has a famous daughter – Kate Hudson.

James Woods (born April 18, 1947)
IQ: 180

Along with being an actor of the stage, television, and film, but he’s also a genius with an IQ of 180. With an IQ so high, it’s no surprise that he’s a mathematical and statistical guru. He plays in the World Poker Tour and though he has never been at the final table, he placed 24th out of 692 at the L.A. Poker Classic in 2006.

Glenne Headly (born March 13, 1955)

Glenne is an actress of film, television, and stage, but perhaps you would know her best in her role as “The Jackal” in the 1990 movie Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.

Geena Davis (Given name: Virginia Davis; born January 21, 1956)
IQ: 140-150

Most famous as an actress, Davis has been in about 20 different films, but she’s also a producer and former fashion model. In addition, Geena has some other hidden talents. At an early age, she learned to play the flute, drums, piano, and organ. Also, she took an interest in archery and placed 14th out of 300 women for the 2000 Olympic tryouts. It wasn’t good enough to qualify, but it’s still quite an accomplishment.

Quentin Tarantino (born March 27, 1963)
IQ: 160

Would you believe that Tarantino dropped out of high school when he was only 15 years old? Look at him now! He’s an actor, but also more accomplished as a producer and director of film.

Chino XL (Given name: Derek Barbosa; born April 8, 1974)

Of Puerto Rican and African American decent, Chino XL is a rapper and hip hop lyricist. His persona is not one that you would classify as a genius, yet he certainly is. Just as the lyrics in his song “I Told You So” says, “My IQ so high it ain’t no number it’s a sound”. The lyrics are definitely a grammatical nightmare, but the fact of the matter is that there is a lot of truth to the lyrics!

Raven (Given name: Scott Levy; born September 8, 1964)
IQ: 143

“Raven” is a professional wrestler who is currently on Total Nonstop Action Wrestling. He’s been in all sorts of championships for wrestling and has also began to dabble in acting. He looks like someone who could kick your ass physically, but he may be able to beat you up intellectually too.

Nicky Piper (born May 5, 1966)
IQ: 153

Though not that well known in the United States, Nicky Piper is a retired Welch boxer. I often wonder if he took his IQ test before people started beating on his head or afterward. If it was afterward, imagine what his IQ score COULD have been!

Scott Adams (born June 8, 1957)

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic strip, has also authored many other books mainly dealing with satire, commentary, and business. His MENSA membership shouldn’t really be a shock to anyone. He looks the part too, doesn’t he?

Norman Schwarzkopf (born August 22, 1934)
IQ: 170

If you’re old enough to have listened to watched the news in the early 1990s, then you already know who this MENSA member is. Schwarzkopf is a retired United States Army General who was commander of the Coalition Forces in the Gulf War of 1991.

Adrian Cronauer (born September 8, 1938)

Cronauer is a retired US Air Force Sergeant and famous radio personality who was the inspiration for movie Good Morning Vietnam (1987) starring Robin Williams as Adrian Cronauer. If you’ve never seen the movie, rent it. It’s still awesome! Below you can see a small part of it and also a commentary from Cronauer himself on the Hollywood embellishments.

Robin Williams’s portrayal of Adrian Crauer in the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”

The Real Adrian Cronauer’s Commentary on the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”

MENSA Misconceptions

There are a couple of celebrities that have been rumored to be MENSA members, but have confirmed that they aren’t. So, I just wanted to clear those misconceptions up…

Sharon Stone (born March 10, 1958)
IQ: 154

It’s not that actress Sharon Stone isn’t smart, but she’s simply not a member of MENSA. The rumor circulated for quite some time and finally in 2002, she admitted that she isn’t and has never been a member of MENSA.

Jodie Foster (Given name: Alicia Foster; born November 19, 1962)
IQ: 132

As you can see by her IQ score, Jodie Foster is no “dummy”, but she’s not a member of MENSA. Somehow, some sources say that she is, but Foster herself denied that she is, or ever was a member of MENSA.

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