How To Get A Street Photographers Attention

Ever see the fashionistas and hipsters on the fashion sites and wonder, “Damn, I could do way better than that! Why’d he/she wear that hat with those pants”? Here are my fashion secrets to make sure you get noticed anywhere you go, especially by photographers who live by the fashion code.


1. All black everything!


2. Color coordination: They are fun, aren’t they?

Jay-Z was really on to something when he rapped those special three words on “Run This Town”. Black is the ultimate muted shade that lets people young and mature alike know you know how to style and stay low key at the same time. Now at the same time, you can wear up to one accessory of color with a mostly all black ensemble, but you gotta be clever with it. For example, why not wear a bright red G-shock with a black turtleneck, black 501 levi’s, black Tommy Hilfiger V-neck, black beanie, and black Polo boots? You wouldn’t even need a picture in this article to know that’s swag, buddy!

I’m sure if you wanted to modify your wardrobe with colors, you’d do an okay job. Lesson 1 on colors; surely your photos pop when you wear one or two things that stand out from a muted foundation, such as a black jacket. Switch it up a little when the sartorial Gods beckon you; maybe a bright colored hat and shoes, but if you want to be the focal point of the whole room, unless it’s summer, wear black. You’ll instantly look like you know what your doing!

One site I love to go to for fashion inspiration is The Sartorialist; I did a profile on SoJones a while back, but make sure to bookmark it or load it into Google Reader like I do for daily inspiration. What do you do when the camera is looking at you, readers?

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