Oh My God: Celebrating 14 Seasons of South Park

Believe it or not, our four favorite foul-mouthed boys from South Park, CO will be entering their 15th season on April 27, 2011 . Some may feel that after 209 episodes the animated series has run it’s course, kinda like The Simpsons or Family Guy have. However, last season was still extremely solid. After fourteen years, Trey Parker and Matt Stone can still mock pop culture and current events like no one else. Like many other long-time fans of South Park, like artist Ron English who celebrated the series by composing the above portrait, I’m eagerly awaiting the start of the new season. So, in honor of Comedy Central’s longest running series, here’s a look back at the best episodes from the previous fourteen seasons.

Cartman Gets an Anal Probe”: August 13, 1997


The very first episode premiers on Comedy Central. Since that fateful date, the series has been an unrelenting force to reckon with. The landmark first season also introduced fans to some of our favorite secondary character like Big Gay Al, Starvin Marvin, Mecha-Streisand, and Mr. Hankey.

Gnomes”: December 13, 1998


The second to last episode of season two is one of the greatest episodes in the series history with our favorite underpants stealing gnomes.

Rainforest Shmainforest”: April 7, 1999


Not only did this episode have a pretty big guest star, Jennifer Aniston, it also managed to share some of the less desirable aspects of rain forests. I also love the name of the choir that the cast are a part of, Getting Gay With Kids.

Trapper Keeper”: November 15, 2000


Pretty much summed up the mess that was the 2000 Presidential Election perfectly.

“Cripple Fight!”: June 27, 2001


While the main theme of this episode dealt with the pedophile accusations against Big Gay Al, I remember the cripple fight between Timmy and Jimmy. It was a scene by scene reenactment of the fight between Roddy Piper and Keith David from the awesome flick They Live. Classic. Although, the demented “Scott Tenorman Must Die” is another timeless episode.

Simpsons Already Did It”: June 26, 2002


This episode has so many classic moments, like Cartman getting what he thought were “sea man” from a bum in the ally. However, I think it’s one of the best episodes because it mocks how every idea has already been done before.

Christian Rock Hard”: October 29, 2003


Cartman starting a christian rock band called Faith + 1 should be enough to include this one. But, I also love how they manage to address artists and the illegal downloading of their music.

The Passion of the Jew”: March 31, 2004


No reason to explain this one.

Trapped in the Closet”: November 16, 2005


Somehow the South Park crew managed to tackle R. Kelly’s over-dramatic “Trapped in the Closet”, Tom Cruise’s sexuality and Scientology all on one classic episode.

“Cartoon Wars I and II”: April 5 and April 12, 2006


Has there ever been another animated series whose creators faced death threats? Probably not. But that’s what happened when Trey Parker and Matt Stone were going to show Muhammad, which is why Comedy Central had to censor the episode. It also angered other religious factions and also perfectly mocked Family Guy.

More Crap”: October 10, 2007


At it’s core South Park is filled with elementary humor, but that’s why we dig it. Plus, the fact that they claim Bono is nothing more than a record breaking turd is more than enough to justify this episode as being one of the show’s best.

Over Logging”: April 16, 2008


There probably could be better episodes from season 12, but I really enjoyed the extreme nature that the character’s endure when the internet goes down.

Fishsticks”: April 8, 2009


No one else could mock Kanye West’s ego, and use of auto-tune, after he couldn’t get the greatest joke ever.

Insheeption”: October 20, 2010


It took a lot of balls to satirize the film Inception, but of course, Trey and Matt nailed it to perfection.

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