Drastic Change: From Skinhead to Nurse

For one wayward man whose soul was locked in the hatred, ignorance and bigotry associated with the skinhead culture, an epiphany occurred unlike few others in recorded history.

Horst Strub was a thirty-five year-old man whose name is now Monica. The former neo-Nazi became not only a woman but also moved from the far right politically to the furthest left he/she could possibly go by becoming a candidate for Germany’s state parliament for the Social Democrats.

In Monika’s own words:

“I am not trying to hide my past and I never have done, either from the fact that I was a man or the fact that I was a member of the far right scene, but now I am a different person and I have completely broken ties with the NPD. I am a true socialist.”

Monika/Horst should really make up his/her mind, as life is short and confusing enough without knowing whether you hate people different from yourself as viewed from either a male or female perspective or support this or that political stance. For two years (2000-2002) Strub was an active member of the right-wing extremist National Democratic Party (NPD).

Strub is an expert at reinventing him/herself and the photo above shows her before her sex reassignment surgery sporting copped hair, a beard and a bomber jacket (only the swastika is missing.)

Monika is confident that her current position is a life long one and claims that as a result she has become a victim of harassment from the far right. Her home has been vandalized but she has decided to go ahead and campaign for the Social Democrats.

Time (and hormones) will probably tell.

Questions remain:

How could Monika ever top her transformations?  What could she become next?

Turn back into a man?

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  1. Tortor says:

    What the fuck, a tranny that sold out it's beiliefs(yes I call them its) and people would actually consider electing it for anything? This thing disgusts me.