Steve Seeley’s Gangster Batman and Superman

If you’re a frequent visitor around this part of the web, than you’re probably fully aware of how much we dig nerdtastic artwork. That’s why why we’re mentioning Chicago artist Steve Seeley and his gangster versions of The World’s Finest. Batman is sporting a bandanna over his classic costume while rocking the “east-side” sign. Supes is also wearing a bandanna, but is going “west-side”.

Fan boy loyalists are probably foaming in anger over recreating DC’s two largest stars as gangsters. But, the artwork is great, and, it adds a little edge to the heroes.

Naturally, we were a bit curious about the man who would dare turn the Dark Knight and the Man of Steel into a crip and a blood.

Steve’s work is described, as by himself, “a world where man, fascinated by outer space, has vacated earth to live in the solitude of space. In his absence, animals begin to fulfill their true destinies. These destinies include, but are not limited to, forming an alliance against man (shall he ever return), developing super hero-like powers, and rocking out to heavy metal.”

His official site showcases much of his portfolio, but here’s a sampling our personal favorites.

A dead Superman hanging from deer antlers.

A character dubbed Chicago-Man, who looks a bit like Bats, with a monkey, who looks a bit like Supes.

A heavy metal version of Skeletor.

Porn star Sasha Grey as Teela.

An evil version of Orko, and Superman is in there too!

A bear fighting a robot.

This is one of many comic cover variations of Dell/ Whitman’s UFO Flying Saucers #5, originally published in 1975.

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