Now And Then: The 10 Hottest MILFS of the Decades

In the past ten years, we’ve seen some of the hottest women around since we was rockin’ the gold tooth in the phonebooth, and they still haven’t lost a step. Let’s explore some of the best that have captured our hearts since day one:

Demi Moore

A career with intense roles, sex appeal, and a relationship with Ashton Kutcher. All we gotta say is Ashton is one lucky guy.



Cindy Crawford

Since the 90’s, this chick was putting a woody in all of our pants. Remember that Pepsi Commercial? Yowza!

Think of the nasty things you two could get into if she just let you in.



Mary Louise Parker

My current crush, no joke. Her work in Weeds is phenomenal.

It’s her carefree attitude AMOG is extremely attracted to as well!


Heidi Klum

After modeling for nearly every men’s magazine imaginable since the dawn of time, Heidi is one of the most beautiful smiles around, with those bedroom eyes that make can make you drive into a pole if your not careful.


Gwyneth Paltrow

Girl next door beauty, with a consummate intelligent acting mind and an admiration for the world. Paltrow is the girl you want to take to meet mom, and she’ll high five you immediately!



Sharon Stone

A real looker who steamed the screen in so many ways, but will you guess how many years young she actually is? Let’s hear your guesses in the comments.

sharon stone


Michelle Pfeiffer

What I love about Pfeiffer is her intensity her brings to her movie roles, it makes her even hotter as she makes our list of rediculously fine MILFS



Forever a dime piece, Madonna bangs male models and whatever else man meat she desires. Just because shes over the 50 club doesn’t mean she cant rock your world! Remember how she sizzled on the ‘4 minutes’ video with Justin Timberlake? Look at those legs!



Christie Brinkey

Supermodel of the 80’s, forever a babe with a trillion watt smile.



Angela Bassett

Of course we can’t forget our beautiful black women! Angela usually gets typecasted for her various roles, but that doesn’t take away from how we love her, whether it’s her burning a car in Waiting to Exhale, or playing Tina Turner is What’s Love Got To Do With It.

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