Seven Comedic Clips Mocking Bin Laden

As everyone on the entire planet knows right now, May 1, 2011 was a historic day. It was a day that many of us never thought would come. And once it was leaked, the news spread like wildfire. Heck, there’s already a Hitler parody about it.


After almost ten years Osama Bin Laden had been caught and killed. It’s one of those incidents that unites people regardless of political views, ethnicity, race or even religious beliefs. This was a guy that had little regard for human life and caused mass amounts of grief for thousands of people. So yeah, there’s a reason why people are celebrating, whether it was crowds gathering in front of the White House and Ground Zero or fans chanting U.S.A. at Citizens Bank Park during the Phillies and Mets game. While it took nearly a decade, and not to mention a war and an unimaginable amount of money, public enemy number one had finally been taken out. During that time comedy stepped in to help ease the pain just a bit through laughter via television, movies, and internet memes. Here’s a look at seven of the best comedic bits that mocked Osama bin Laden.

7. The Chaser’s War on Everything


This is satirical comedy series from Australia, you may remember them for that little Sunrise stunt where a guy broke up with his girlfriend. Since the show’s debut in 2006 Osama Bin Laden has been a recurring subject. Whether it’s someone dressed up as a Bin Laden look-a-like causing confusion on the streets or adding their own subtitles to Bin Laden’s video messages, these Aussies have had numerous laughs at Bin Laden’s expense through their wicked sense of humor.

6. The Whitest Kids U’ Know


This sketch comedy group has had their own TV series since 2007, they’re currently airing the fifth and final season on IFC. The sketch “Cash Quiz” portrays Osama Bin Laden as a reality show host who apologizes for all the horrible things he’s done by awarding people prizes.

5. The Bomb Bin Laden Song


A golden oldie right here. This flash video, which is a parody of Henry Belafonte’s 1956 hit “Day-O (The Banana Boat Song),” debuted on September 18, 2001. It was the brainchild of three dj’s at KOMP-FMin Las Vegas. It became a favorite in the post 9-11 world and was circulated widely throughout the internet.

4. Family Guy


Naturally, Bin Laden would be a frequent topic on the Fox animated series.

3. Osama Bin Laden: Behind The Madness


This 2002 comedy short was written and directed by Benjamin Koldyke collected archival footage of Bin Laden that simply explored his terrorist exploits.

2. South Park



Back on November 7, 2001 South Park first aired the classic episode “Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants,” which helped Americans cope through all the craziness that had just occurred. The episode was even nominated for an Emmy 2002. Bin Laden also appeared in three other episodes, “Cartoon Wars II,” “200” and “It’s a Jersey Thing”. “It’s a Jersey Thing” actually came out last year and featured the town getting help from Osama to get rid of all the Jersey Shore wannabes. In the end, a member of special ops comes down and shots Bin Laden in the head. Prophecy much?

1. “Tere bin Laden”


This Bollywood comedy made many entertainment headlines last summer. The plot involves a Pakistani reporter who is denied a US visa and eventually discovers an Osama Bin Laden look-a-like. He decides to make his own Osama videos to get into the US but faces comedic consequences  when the US and Pakistan take the videos seriously. In the wake of Bin Laden’s death the film may get re-released.


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