Homeland Security to Issue Terror Warnings via Facebook & Twitter

Just a month ago I read an article describing the new Homeland Security alerts here in the US. At the time, I thought it was interesting, even a bit curious, but quickly disregarded it. However, with the recent developments regarding Osama bin Laden, it’s probably not that far fetched that this new system could be implemented. Matter of fact, agencies in the UK and Indonesia are already warning citizens about a possible terrorist attack. Here at home, the State Department is warning travelers to be vigilante until at least August 1.

The updated version of the National Terrorism Advisory System was launched on April 27. This new version has replaced the old color-coded format (red – severe, orange – high, yellow – elevated, blue – guarded, and green – low), which were initiated after September, 11, with a simple two level system (elevated and imminent). Each warning will also contain a “stamped expiration date”. For example, an elevated threat warning against the country would expire after 30 days. These warnings could also be extended if they needed to.

Another update in the system is having the messages announced with social media outlets, such as, Facebook and Twitter, like they normally do with TV and radio alerts. The alerts would only be issued when deemed “appropriate”. They also would not be issued until after the chain of command is completed. This would begin with members of Congress and work it’s way down to state and local officials before reaching the public. Of course information could be withheld if the risk would jeopardize an intelligence operation or investigation.


Currently, there are no other details on the rebooted terror alert system, because Homeland Security doesn’t want our enemies to know everything they have planned.

So fellow citizens, what do you think of the new alert system? Is it an improvement or do you feel that this is another scare tactic from the government? Typically I would say that it’s a scare tactic. That wan until I heard about that WikiLeaks piece that stated “Al-Qaeda has hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe which would unleash a ‘nuclear hellstorm’ if Osama was ever captured”. Still, I’m not going to lose any sleep over it.

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