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Not too long ago, while exploring an unknown sunken ship south of the Aland Islands in the Baltic Sea, salvage divers discovered an intoxicating incentive for their work. The search team now own what is believed to be the oldest bottles of champagne and beer in the world, perfectly preserved because of the near freezing waters. They believe that the cargo was headed from Copenhagen, Denmark to St. Petersburg, Russia sometime between 1800 and 1830. Which means they have a 200 year bottle of beer in their hands. They’re attempting to have brewers extract the ingredients, probably to start manufacturing “200 Year Old” Beer to retailers in the near future.

So, quite obviously, that got me thinking about all things beer. I remembered reading at some point, don’t exactly know when or where, it’s kind of fuzzy, but beer is one of mankind’s oldest drinks. Historians believe that prehistoric nomads were making beer from grain and water. If you’re a religious type, than you should know that even Noah, the dude that made that ark, made sure beer made it on board.

Without further ado, here’s our own Beer Timetable.

4300 BC: Beer recipes were found on clay tablets in Babylonia.

1600 BC: Beer was part of a Pharaoh’s daily diet. There were also at least a hundred medical prescriptions that included beer in ancient Egypt.

450 BC: Greek writer Sophocles believed the best diet for Greeks was bread, meats, various vegetables and beer.

55 BC: Beer is introduced to Northern Europe by the Romans.

23 BC: The Chinese brew a beer called “kui”.

500 – 1000 AD (AKA Middle Ages):
More brewing occurs in Europe, which goes from family traditions to a more centralized practice in monasteries and covenants.

1000 AD: The brewing process begins to include hops.

1200 AD: Germany, Austria, and England have firmly established beer making.

1295: Pilsen Bohemia (in now Czech Republic) is granted brewing rights by King Wenceslas.

1420: Lager is invited by the Germans.

1490s: Columbus discovers Native Americans making beer from corn and black birch sap.

1516: William IV, Duke of Bavaria, adopted the Reinheitsgebot (purity law), perhaps the oldest food regulation still in use through the 20th Century.

1553: Beck’s brewery is founded.

1587: Sir Walter Raleigh and his Virginia colony brew the first beer in the “New World”. It’s so awful that they sound request back to England for beer.

1602: Dr. Alexander Nowell discovers that beer can last longer if stored in a corked, glass bottle.

1612: The first commercial brewery opens in New York City, well, New Amsterdam at the time.

1620: Pilgrims land at Plymouth Rock. Why there? Because their beer supply was low.

1757: George Washington writes down his personal beer recipe.

1759: Arthur Guinness opens brewery in Dublin.

1786: Molson brewery is founded in Montreal, becomes oldest brewery in North America.

1785:: Draught beer invented by Joseph Bramah.

1810: Oktoberfest is established as an official celebration in Munich.

1829: David C. Yuengling opens brewery in Pottsville, PA, becomes oldest operating brewery in America.

1850’s: German immigrants introduce cold maturation lagers to U.S., laying the groundwork for Miller, Coors, Anheuser-Busch, Schlitz and Pabst.

1880: Around 2,300 breweries exist in the U.S.

1900s: Draught beers begin being served from kegs.

1920’s: Prohibition creates the distribution of “near beer” by Pabst, Schlitz, Miller, Anheuser-Busch and Stroh.

April 7, 1933: Prohibition ends for beer, only 160 breweries survive.

1935: American Can Co. & Kreuger Brewing introduce the beer can.

1948: Invention of malt liqueur.

1950’s: Beer pong emerges at Dartmouth University.

1969: The Anchor Brewing Co. in San Francisco, CA is purchased by Fritz Maytag, you know the appliance guy.

1973: Dr. Joseph Owades invents light beer.

1977: America’s first “Micro Brewery”, The New Albion, opens in Sonoma, CA. It’s also the same year that President Carter’s brother debuts Billy Beer.

1982: Great American Beer Festival debuts in Boulder, CO.

1985: Samuel Adams is introduced by Jim Koch.

1986: Billy Dee Williams becomes spokesman for Colt 45.

1988: Japan unveils new beer category, Asahi Super Dry, Michelob Dry isn’t far behind.

1990: The Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico, CA becomes the first start up micro brewery to break out of that classification (considered 25,000 bbl or less) by producing 31,000 bbls. of beer.

1990’s: Hip Hop brings the 40 ounce to the forefront of pop culture.


January, 2006: First ever World Series of Beer Pong occurs at Mesquite, NV.

2010: Australians unveil the Beergantuan, the world’s largest beer bong at 120 liters, 11.5 meters.

2010: Over 1,500 breweries operating in the States, more than any other country.

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