Prison Dog Fitted With Titanium Teeth


Axel  the German Shepherd from Melbourne, Australia, is a guard dog like no other in the world. After he lost his own teeth in an accident biting into the board on his bed, he was fitted with a new terrifying set made of titanium.

These metal canine teeth are ready to sink into anything that moves the wrong way.

In the words of veterinary dentist, Dr. David Clarke, who fitted Axel with his new set of deadly chompers:

“So much time is spent on training working dogs that it ends up much cheaper to repair a dental problem than retire the dog. Prison dogs, police dogs, hunting, quarantine and customs dogs often suffer injuries in the course of their jobs.”

Cosmetic dentistry for dogs both in the public and private sectors is a growing trend. Pampered pooches in dog shows for example, often undergo tooth repair so that their teeth will shine and be perfectly straight when it comes time for owner and pooch to prance proudly down that runway.

The technology is there for rebuilding teeth. Who knows what could be next?

Could it be the world’s first bionic dog?

Will the new mantra some day become: It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s Super Dog, fighting for truth, justice and the American way (but get out of the way and watch out for those teeth)!

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