Sony Announces Security Upgrade and Work on PS4

It’s been a tough couple of months for Sony’s PlayStation – with all the hacking of their customers accounts – but the company has several plans to turn things around for the troubled console.

Up first is Sony taking measures to protect PSN users by teaming up with AllClearID PLUS. If you had an activated PSN account before April 20 you simply go here and enter your e-mail. You’ll then receive an e-mail with an activation code within 72 hours. The AllClear subscription – which is good for a year – contains identity theft insurance worth a million bucks, as well as, cyber monitoring. Best of all, the service will be free. This should be some sort of assurance for users after the hacking of the PlayStation Network between April 17 and 19. During that time names, e-mails, addresses, birth-dates and passwords of users were stolen by hackers. The attacks were also vicious enough to shut down the network for some six weeks. This would be expected when about 77 million accounts were exposed.

Sure, having your vital information protected is good and all, but most gamers want to know when they can start playing online again. Sony began restoring the PSN on May 14. Unfortunately, this was a lengthy endeavor. The company began restoration by region then state then city. Also, not all of the features were back and running. The PlayStation store, for example, remains offline. Sony hopes that the store will be up and running any time now – although Sony said the store would be back up at the end of May and now early June because of maintenance.

However, the big news regarding PlayStation is plans for a PlayStation 4. Masaru Kato, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, informed investors of this bombshell announcement during a conference call on May 26 – which he has since retracted, but that hasn’t stopped the online rumor mill from spinning. ZDNet pointed out that this statement contradicts with one previously made by Sony Computer Entertainment President and CEO Kaz Hirai. Hirai had stated earlier in the year that the PS3 would be sticking around until 2016. So why the sudden change of mind? ZDNent speculates that the hacking crisis was a big factor. This is pretty obvious because I know a lot of people aren’t to happy about having their PSN info stolen. A new console would give Sony’s customers something positive to look forward to. ZDNet also mentions that Nintendo will be announcing their Wii 2 in the immediate future, so, the only way Sony can compete with that is to push forward the PS4 sooner than planned.

So there you have it loyal readers. PlayStation 4 is underway and Sony is trying to make amends with their customers. Are you excited about PS4 and the security upgrades? Or are you done with Sony?

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  1. Guest11221 says:

    i don't have a PS3,so i wasn't affected by the hacking of PSN accounts.

    cant wait for PS4!

  2. guest says:

    well i wish they would wait till 2016

  3. Jessica says:

    I would rather they wait to 2016 as well. Instead they are going to rush production to compete with the new Wii and we will end up with maybe half of what the PS4 was intended to be