Woman Shoots Washing Machine: Drunk AND a Bad Shot

If the folly and price of drinking too much isn’t already apparent, consider this tale of a Florida woman who allegedly flooded her home when she accidentally shot her washing machine while firing a rifle at a target inside her husband’s closet.

It happened in Hesperia, St. Lucie County, and when authorities entered the home they found “a lot of water on the floor covering most of the residence.” The couple, who were attempting to reconcile even though they were in the final stages of a divorce, were spending an evening together.

Things were going well until the woman told her husband that she had a new boyfriend. That’s when the shooting began. The husband told the police that he and his wife had been firing at a target in the bedroom closet and she accidentally struck the washing machine outside the bedroom.

When police asked for the woman’s statement, she replied: “I’ll try my best, but I’m drunk,” which says it all.

Cartridge casings in the master bedroom and the bullet-riddled washing machine indicated that the couple was telling the truth and no charges were filed. An investigation, however, is still ongoing.

One can only wonder what the charge would be for attempted murder of a washing machine.



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