AMOG’s Top Cakes Of The Week

Ever since AMOG pays attention to food, we have found many extraordinary ones and even weird ones. We’ve been having an exciting time rummaging through the information highway known as the ‘internetz’ to bring you amazing food to look at, hot chicks to drool at, or amazing food and hot chicks to drool at, at the same time. I know, where would the time go without us, right? Check out these humorous cakes:

Anyone who remembers playing The Oregon Trail in elementary school can attest to how funny this is. While dysentery is nothing to laugh at, the nostalgia that comes with the cake is priceless. AMOG wants a slice!

Just like in our last post (except it was a cookie), the Super Mario Theme is a popular thing to display on anything really, whether its cake or…ahem, porn. Whatever your fetish, this cake makes me want to eat a mushroom and climb to the top of it’s deliciousness, making me the King Koopa of scarfing down cake in the time it takes for Mario to save Princess Peach! Surprisingly not even that long, reader. We all know how hard some of the levels get in Super Mario, even in the earlier games.

Ha! Being an optimistic person, even I can’t disregard what happens to someone if they are not prepared for what the number ’40’ bring to a human body. Everything starts to sag more, you wish you had more energy..maybe I observed too much when working at an old folks home, but as long as your life is the shit and you got your shit together at 40, you’ll be having your cake and eating it too.

Two of our favorite AMOG approved foods in the universe just merged into one whole cake. How incredible; AMOG wonders what the frosting is made of, and how long it will take before your arteries are confused at what exactly you are eating.

What’s your favorite cake, readers?


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