Japanese Scientist Makes Burgers Out of Poop

Unless you’re a primate, snot-nosed kid or starving-artist-trying-to-gain-shock-value-attention we’re all aware that poop is is some pretty vile stuff. While essential, and comical at times, we all do our business and quickly flush away the disease carrying log. The last thing that a rational person wants to do with their feces is toy around with it, let alone, eat it.


A Japanese researcher, Mitsuyuki Ikeda has come up with the innovative idea to convert your poo into lunch. The process begins by extracting lipids and protein from “sewage mud”, combining the lipids with a reaction enhancer and placing the contraption into an exploder to combine everything. He finally adds steak and soy sauce  to flavor his fake meat. Ikeda claims that his so-called burgers are low in fat and environmentally friendly.

Like it or not, this process makes sense if you’re concerned about the environment. Livestock that is bred for the sole purpose of food consumption produces a substantial amount of carbon emissions. In fact, livestock is worse for the environment than cars. Besides assisting in excess greenhouse gas emissions, livestock is also responsible for land and water degradation. So, Ikeda has managed to solve the issue of food shortages across the planet, by reusing one of the most renewable sources around, while protecting the Earth’s environment.

While I highly doubt that most red-blooded Americans would devour a burger made from their own bodily waste, and the fact the real thing is ridiculously delicious, at least Ikeda is thinking outside of the box (although the Yes Men used this scenario as one of their hi-jinks in 2002). Perhaps this will inspire another researcher to create a more appealing food source that won’t harm the environment and solve the world’s food shortage issue. Besides, human waste is already used as a fertilizer, after it’s been filtered of course. But, what’s even more disturbing, is some of the USDA approved burgers can contain E. coli and chicken poop. Suddenly, a poo burger doesn’t sound all that nauseating.

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  1. VizFact says:

    "Suddenly, a poo burger doesn’t sound all that nauseating."

    What is your problem? A poo burger sounds very nauseating and always will.

  2. Chome says:

    Atlst 4 ths scientist a nobel peace price is what he deservs plus he has renewed one of the most reknown waste to a very prblm solving thng pipo r dieng of hungar in africa ths cn b a gud way 2 fyt that hunger

  3. Jay says:

    It is called waste for a reason. Mad cow disease was created by making cattle cannibalistic, I think this will create something similar in humans.