World’s Most Pierced Woman Gets Hitched

I guess the saying ‘you are your own worst enemy’ deems itself true once again, eh AMOG readers? Today’s story is courtesy of Bossip, who reports of an Elaine Davidson who got married in Scotland to a retired Civil servant named Douglas Watson. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the hot momma Douglas got his paws on:

Elaine holds the World Record for body piercing as of February 2011 with a total of 6,925 piercings. Assuming that our kind fellow Douglas can even get his woo-hah to stand at attention anymore, we at AMOG can only wonder what sleeping next to (and copulating with) a woman with so much metal attached to her is like. Hm… on the other hand, we’d rather not know. From Brazil, Davidson looks like she has been into the piercings for a while now, but we can’t quite understand why so many. Even the dress looks horrible! Is Watson so desperate to find a soulmate that he comes across this and says to himself, ‘oh what the hell, might as well marry her and I’ll never need to think of marrying again?’ Whatever your drinking Douglas, we’d like to order a couple shots for ourselves!

All jokes aside, have you divorced AMOG readers ever had a marriage where all you wanted to do was pull your teeth out after a month or two? AMOG only wonders how well these two are doing now, but we bet Douglas hasn’t stuck his thingy down in those netherlands, probably because he fears something will snatch his wee-wee and take it off! Are we exaggerating, or could that be possible with so many piercings? Ever wonder how long it would take to get your body pierced that many times?

Too many questions, and not enough hours in the day. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments section.


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