AMOG Presents: Childhood Memories Revisited



We all have our nostalgic moments no matter what era we represent, and for starters, you weren’t having the time of your life in the 90’s if you didn’t have a pair of LA Lights! I remember rocking these in 3rd grade, along with my British Knights.


See who you can point out in this iconic picture; it bleeds with legacy.



To this day, every time I’m working and hear a faint ringing of a bell, I know its time to grab a dollar and get one of these. Some things don’t change, and that’s comforting.


Don’t cry, dry your eyes, nostalgic AMOG readers; there’s so much history in this little picture above I’ll let you point them out yourself, but who can remember being in the playground singing, ‘iiiiiiiin West Philadelphia, born and raised..’. Also, the NES is making me want to hook my roommates up and get to playin’ some old school games right now after I toke some pot later today. Yep, today’s gonna be great.




Which of you AMOG readers out there remember the thrill you experienced viewing Jurassic Park for the first time? Chances are you had Jurassic Park bedsheets in your racing car bedframe, with the Alf underwear and the… oh wait, maybe that was just me.



Ah yes, the reason I’m into Tai Chi right now as much as I am can be credited to our AMOG hero of the week, Ryu from Street Fighter. Though he’s seen getting his ass whupped in the picture above by none other than Blanka, him and Chun-Li are among my favorite characters, and this game was legendary on this particular platform. How many of you AMOG readers out there still get the urge to plug in the ol’ SNES and play some of this with your favorite bowl of cereal on a Saturday? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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