The Airbus Transparent Plane: Futuristic Aircraft


Expected to be a travel reality around 2050, Airbus has unveiled in London an aircraft with see-through cabins that will allow passengers a panoramic view of the sky. For those with a fear of flying, this won’t make things any better, but for others this plane provides a breath-taking scenario of future air travel, one that includes the transformation of a journey of destination into a voyage of discovery.

Travelers will be able to see everything peripherally and in front of them as they soar though the skies. For those who would rather not experience that, passengers might have to bring along their own blindfolds.

At a recent press conference in London, Charles Champion, engineering executive vice-president of Airbus, discussed this incredible technology. The idea is that the plane will mimic the flight skill of a bird’s skeleton, which is the most innovative feature of the design. The light conditions will alter the walls, also known as the “intelligent wall membrane,” of the aircraft and seating will accommodate the body shape of all passengers.

This opens a whole new window for in-flight entertainment in relaxation zones including holographic pop-up gaming displays powered by the heat of the bodies of the passengers! In addition, this technology could permit travelers in the air to read bedtime stories to their children at home!

According to Mr. Champion: “Our research shows that passengers of 2050 will expect a seamless travel experience while also caring for the environment. The concept cabin is designed with that in mind…”

In keeping with a sustainable life style, this futuristic aircraft would run on the power of “classified technology,” reducing the burning of fuel, emissions and noise.

All the first class, business and economy cabins have morphed into relaxation zones and have fully stocked bars for socializing and getting as silly as one desires.

Strictly focused on ultimate passenger customization by responding to the individual needs of all the travelers, this aircraft might even be able to allow passengers the ability to play a game of virtual golf, relax with aromatherapy and acupressure treatments or even take part in interactive conferences. The goal is to continue life as if passengers were on the ground.

Sociologically speaking, cabins are not divided into in how much passengers have paid for a ticket but rather by preferred activities.

Could that be because a flight is so very expensive that it doesn’t matter?

Who knows?  Time will tell.

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