Do Werewolves Stalk Our City Streets?

Those not wishing to face their demons often blame their vices on others. Examples like, “my wife makes me drink, my husband makes me steal and the recession made me a criminal” are all too common. All things considered, whoever heard of a drunken man blaming his aggressive behavior on the fact that a wolf bit him?

Thomas Stroup, aged 20, was arrested for growling at police officers and attacking people in Lorain County, Ohio, an area that up until his arrest was devoid of werewolves. The young man was drunker than a skunk when arrested, and his thick Russian accent didn’t help the situation as he tried to explain to police that he went on a rampage every time the moon came out.

According to the local press, police received reports of a very violent man who was raging out of control on a campground. He was bellicose, argumentative and even kicked a dog cage before he passed out under his trailer, which is where he lay when the police found him. The open door to the trailer surprised police as it revealed a rather plentiful supply of knives, swords and other “sharp weapons.”

Slurring his words, Stroup could barely stand when the police awakened him. Then he began to growl and threaten them. On the way to the jail, he had a change of heart and apologized to police for his rude behavior, explaining that it was brought about by the fact that a wolf had scratched him.

His main charge was underage drinking.

Perhaps it should have included refraining from late night movies with Lon Chaney howling at the moon and ravaging the dark countryside?

Besides, wolves don’t drink alcohol, do they?

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