Airport Geese Will Be Cooked And Served To The Poor

Since the almost disastrous flight that was hit by a flock of geese two years ago and miraculously landed on the Hudson River with no loss of life, New York officials have been pondering the fate of those geese that hover near the airports. The goal is to make sure nothing like that ever happens again and the only way that can become a reality is to get rid of these geese.

The plan, which was met by many enraged animal activists, was to send the geese to Pennsylvania where they would be cooked in shelters for meals for the poor. Although the reasoning was to avoid accidents like the forced landing of US Airways jet in which a flock of Canadian geese were  caught in the engine, it seems unfair to the innocent geese were only doing what they do naturally when they killed the plane’s engine and the plane’s engine in turn killed them.

New York City would pay for both the capture and transport of the geese to Pennsylvania facilities where they would be then distributed to various food banks.

According to a spokesman for the Department of Environmental Protection (DEP): “Rather than disposing of them in landfills, we wanted to make sure they do not go to waste.”

This decision was not a haphazard one, as efforts were made to find other suitable locations for the geese, but no one was willing to take them.

Angry animal rights activists protested last summer’s efforts to collect and gas thousands of geese.

It would appear, that at least from the point of view of the Canadian geese living near US airports, their goose really is  cooked.



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