Some AMOG Foolery: Girl Gets Racist

AMOG adds another strange scenario to urban news, with a white girl who put a video online a couple days ago mocking how black girls get dressed in the mirror every morning. If the watermelon and KFC jokes get to you, you might want to stop reading; if your black like me and laugh at ignorant white people just trying to get views on the internet, then we’re going to be agreeing with each other for most of this article.

When was the last time you’ve even seen a white girl wearing watermelon earrings? I haven’t even seen a pair in my life, but in this particular video the white girl (who wisely password protected her Tumblr page and has no name disclosed to Google for a beat down) wears not only watermelon, but KFC earrings. Oddly, I can’t think of one video on the internet like this; what with said white girl smearing a Reese’s peanut butter cup all over her face, claiming that since she has no ass, a pillow down her pants and her makeup should make sure that black guys totally check her out and she gets all the mandingo she wants. Uh, no ignorant white chick, sorry. Just like trying to dress like a black girl won’t get you dick, listening to a pasty white woman talk about  and manifest stereotypes won’t get you many friends.

Hip Hop has seen it’s fair share of imitators who try and emulate the true black woman, but its always been the consumer who has seen past the bull and either pulled someone’s card, or wrote about it online for lots of people to share and agree upon. Maybe we at AMOG are just making a big deal out of what lots of white girls make fun of everyday, the difference is this one decided to make a video. Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Ungaro says:

    what are kfc earrings?