New Research Finds Cell-Phones Don’t Cause Cancer

For well over a decade there have been numerous accounts of the hazards caused by cell phone usage. In 1998, there was a story circulating the net that a child died while undergoing a routine operation because the life support system was interrupted by the frequency of a cell phone. A year later the first “reports” of cell phones causing explosions at gas stations appeared. Over the years, there have been tales of cell phones being able to break into cars that have key-less entry systems and that they can cause brain hemorrhages. All of these have been proven to just be just urban myths. However, there was one myth that wouldn’t subside. Cell phones can cause cancer. This longstanding rumor seemed to become validated in May of 2011 by the World Health Organization. The agency released a report stating that the radiation from cell phones, which is called a non-ionizing radiation that is comparable to a low-powered microwave, can possibly cancer in people. The WHO went on to place mobile phones in the “carcinogenic hazard” category with items like lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.

Recently, however, a new report has been released countering the previous research conducted by WHO. Researchers from from the International Commission for Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection Standing Committee on Epidemiology have found that brain cancer rates have remained relatively the same since 1970. Their report stated “that within about 10-15 years after first use of mobile phones there is unlikely to be a material increase in the risk of brain tumors in adults,” but there’s still more research to be done.

This debate has been going on on the scientific community for years. A Swedish study in 2004 found that ten years of mobile phone use can use tumors. In 2007, some scientists believed that a mere ten minutes of handset use can alter the brain. These changes have been found to cause cancer. Even the World Health Organization previously stated that cell phones could not cause cancer. Their most recent findings contradicted these sentiments, but even at that, the agency also added that they could not find a direct link between cell phone usage and cancer.

Once again the fear of cell phones causing a serious health concern has been debunked. Big surprise. People have been pointing out for years that there is absolutely no correlation between mobile phones and cancer. The only real hazards from using a cell phone is not paying attention while using it and walking onto oncoming traffic or driving off the road while texting. Both of which could be avoided with a little common sense.

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