AMOG Presents: Drunk Pics

We know a lot of you AMOG readers out there love to drink every now and then (okay, maybe a whole bunch), but who are we to judge? All we will ever do is write funny things when you’ve had too much to drink and your hanging over the toilet about to earl out all the Rum, Jack Daniels, and beer you had last night. Ready to begin? Let’s hope you don’t spot yourself in any of the pictures.

Well lookie what we have here at the gallery; we don’t even want to know how slizzard this guy got- enough to rip his pants then not even make the sliding door in time before falling over? That’s a weekend warrior if I ever saw one!

What kind of conflict do we have here? With some people, mixing food and liquor is never a good idea, so we at AMOG wonder what exactly is going on here. Maybe he just ate the condiments on the floor and is learning how not-so-good of an idea that is!

What in blue hell gives you the idea to wear a diaper in a bar? This must be a bar for special patrons since the guys next to him has a box over his head. On the other hand, this could be the most interesting bar in town. What are your thoughts, reader? Drunk, or just brave?

So maybe this is what the plastic bag handles are for! Whoever’s idea it was to set this vomiting person up with the valet puking bag is a friend indeed. Though the paper bag is a popular place to place such waste, be careful when using plastic near your face. Yes, I’m aware that rhymed.

Of course things get interesting when you have pretty women and liquor mixed. Since they go to the bathroom together usually, expect shots like this to appear! What’s your worst drunk story, reader?


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