One of the Many Reasons Girls Are Crazy

Girls are crazy. Since my early years I’ve concluded this, and now as an extremely handsome adult, I see even more how my philosophy is true. Women will do anything to get the attention of a man, and after reading a great book called “The Female Brain”, which I highly recommend for any guy that doesn’t understand females, this video will help to show you what I mean.

In this video (aptly named by her ‘do you like me now’), a young girl is frustrated because she is not noticed like the sluttier girls in school; she then does things that she thinks guys like in a girl, which includes smearing makeup all over her face, being dumb, and being slutty. Sounds like a whole bunch of guys will come to her rescue now, huh? Wrong. This poor child shares the frustration many girls go through when understanding what goes through our heads during the day, which is nothing but sex usually. We at AMOG know this girl might get some guy, but in the end both of them will be unhappy because the guy won’t treat her like she really wants to be treated, and eventually the girl will grow to hate herself because all she can do is look like a slut and get guys who aren’t worth her attention in the first place. What a tangled web girls weave for themselves!

Amog’s favorite part is when she says, “I’m the whole package you guys, without the package”. Of course in that statement she is talking about her underdeveloped chest, but the closer is her stupidity which she displays after asking the camera “what’s 2+2? Gonorrhea”. What in the hell?

We at Amog will keep this crazy girl in our prayers, in the meantime enjoy your summer, readers!

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