Can Dog Poop Become An Effective Power Source?


Before one pooh poohs this idea, consider the trouble our planet Earth is in largely because of the power sources we have employed over the last century. This innovative idea to transform a community waste problem in Gilbert Arizona, into a sustainable living solution has to be commended.

According to the Arizona Republic, the issue will be decided upon at the city council meeting in Gilbert next month, and if it is approved, Arizona State University students will be asked to design and create a “dog waste digester” that releases methane gas. The experiment would first be run on a street lamp and then improvised later for other uses.

Dog owners would participate in the program by placing feces in a biodegradable bag and then dropping that bag into the digester. A simple crank stirs the mixture and gets the process started.


The Arizona climate is the perfect venue for this experiment as the sun is powerful and can easily decompose the fecal matter and convert it into gas. Supervised by ASU professor, Kiril Hristovski, the digester presents exciting sustainable living possibilities.

The project is a challenge for the students as the solution will be unique and innovative with no precedent to rely on.

Perhaps the descendants of Lassie or Rin-Tin-Tin could help out as consultants?


Don’t pooh pooh poop.

It just might work and if it does, what would be next?

Pigeons, cats, horses?

Instead of dust unto dust, a new concept might be: crap unto crap?

Not romantic maybe, but certainly green and worth considering, no?


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