Seagull Steals Camera: Jonathan Livingston Thief?


If seeing is believing, check out the video indicated below that reveals a seagull in flight after having stolen a camera from a photographer who was allegedly trying to take a ground-level shot of a seagull at night.

As is the way of life, sometimes the unexpected happens as in this case, when the seagull snatched the camera and flew away. The incident occurred in Cannes France and was captured on a YouTube video that was viewed more than two million times.

In the words of the anonymous photographer whose blog identity is Opica1983: “I found the camera on the castle wall, where I had to climb.”

The camera captures the movement of an unseen camera-man creeping through a garden at night and placing the camera on the ground. A seagull, curious and probably hungry, walks over to the camera, lifts it with his beak and flies off. The camera captured the instant of takeoff and offers a true bird’s eye view of a flight over the south of France and the home of the world’s most famous film festival.

Some are skeptical as to the video’s veracity, and one blogger noted that the camera was using a fisheye lens, which distorts reality and makes it appear that the seagull flew much farther than he did.

The voice of the cameraman can be heard in the background screaming “hey, hey,” to the gull that soared, camera still in beak, over rooftops with cars visible far below. The gull lands on top of a building and pokes at the camera a few times, perhaps wondering why he couldn’t eat it and then suddenly flies to the roof of another nearby building to join another gull. What happens next is not known as then the camera faded into black.

The video depicting the theft is called  “Seagull Stole GoPro,” which refers to the brand of camera. These small devices are often used by sports people, sometimes mounted on helmets or even attached to surfboards to capture video footage from unusual angles.

One question remains:

What was the cameraman doing lurking around the garden of a large house at night in the first place?

Seagulls are annoying birds that steal food and poop on the heads of innocent beach goers. Still, among the species there might be a star who somewhere in the air is ready for his close-up (Mr. De Mille).

Check out the video and judge for yourself whether or not it is real:


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