Forget Planking, Try Cone-ing

If you live on the internet like Amog does, or have any familiarity with internet memes as they come and go, most likely you know what planking is about. Maybe you have tried it yourself  or heard about recent deaths while people have tried to do it, but no matter how you ended up knowing about it. Amog investigates the phenomenon known as ‘planking’ and some of it’s alternatives. First, we focus on the alternatives:

  • Cone-ing: According to Youtube comedian AlkiStevens, Cone-ing involves driving up to a drive-thru window, ordering an ice cream cone, and picking it up up-side down while eating it sloppily. Pretty hilarious, but how interesting can one stupid internet meme get without tiring out? You’d be surprised.

Sometimes Mr. Stevens even ignores the drive-thru attendees knocking on his window and just drives off. Cone-ing sounds stupid and delicious at the same time, so how many people are down for a drive-thru adventure to try it oout for yourselves? Take a video and send it in to Amog, we’ll be glad to share it with the world here!

  • Planking: Be careful when doing this one, it involves lying face down and balancing yourself on anything; from a 7 story balcony to a basketball rim, a theatre, to even during dougie competitions. It’s very popular in an age where viral videos spread like wildfire, and critics attribute it to slavery times. It’s said to be invented in the 90’s, but all I know is my Facebook wall these days are filled with people doing it. Annoying? I’d like to think of it as interesting; Amog sure won’t do it, that’s not alpha male behavior! Do you think planking will ever get old, reader?

  • Owling: This one is pretty cool; according to, Owling refers to the act of sitting in a perched position while looking off into the distance as to mimic the posture of an owl. The fad was created as a response to another photo fad called “planking”.

So which internet meme tickles your fancy, reader?

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