Man Gets Knocked Out for Farting on Lady

We at Amog hate it when people fart; sure it’s a way of life and its funny sometimes, but we’d rather focus on more important issues like what our next meal will be. Today’s story is found at a Target, in an aisle where a lady in a wheelchair and her husband are shopping. This brave prankster, Jack Vale, decides it’s a good idea to stand next to both of them with his hand in his pocket (squeezing the fart mechanism); what happens next would make any senior citizen proud in the fight against the stupid things youth sometimes do to get a laugh.

“You know that really isn’t that much funny”

After the guy finds Jack Vale, a confrontation goes down that Amog is sure Jack won’t forget. The old man gets up from his scooter and lands a couple of licks right across Vale’s grill. Luckily Jack didn’t press charges, but what the situation did bring is attention to the squeeze toy he takes with him to do these videos. Want one for yourself? Visit

We at Amog are seriously surprised that someone can make a living selling only a pooter set and some autographed pictures of yourself online. Has society become that deluded that people think of something so meaningless to sell online? Either way, this is the internet age where anything (and Amog means anything) can happen. Readers, would you invest in a pooter just to take videos of yourself using it on others? Sounds like you might have better ways to spend your money and avoid getting punched by old people, right?

Maybe Mr. Vale is selling them fast, if he wasn’t Amog bets he’d take the site down immediately and people at malls and supermarkets across America would be glad he stopped. Fart away, Jack!

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