Man Offers To Be Prey For Hunters: One Odd Job is a most unusual website with a highly peculiar proposition. The webmaster is unemployed Mork Encino, aged 28. He is offering rich people the chance to hunt him for sport like a wild animal for a mere $10,000. He has also offered to do it naked for another $2,000.

The website features Mork hiding in different places clad in dungarees. This inspiration for an odd job like no other comes at quite a price. Hunting people is illegal and the offers are few and far between (and coming from lunatics like himself. It’s difficult to believe that he would attract anything else).

In his own words:

“I seek hearty gents who fancy themselves sportsmen and bored of the usual game. I am a new breed of prey with thick pelt and smooth hide…

If I am trapped and killed, you stand to earn the respect of your fellow hunters, a prize human mount for your wall…”

The job market may be a jungle, but certainly looking through the want ads is a lot safer than this self-destructive position, which is temporary to say the very least.

Mork says that he hopes a real job offer will arrive before he has to die at the hands of a hunter. There are those who may believe that his real wish is to die and that he has opted instead for a novel form of suicide.

For the man from Utah who claims he’s “generally unskilled,” his real talents seem to lie below the surface. With a background as a manual laborer, he has neglected until now his real aptitude for self-promotion. Within the last few months, he has appeared on radio programs and been written up by quite a few websites.

Is it all a ruse to land a normal job? Is Mork hoping that some benefactor may come along at the last minute and help him before a bullet blows him away into the land of permanent unemployment? He does refer to his website as a “product of his desperation.”

One can only hope that mad man Mork will make a killing one way or the other.

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