The Light Bulb Ban And A New Battlefield


As if things haven’t been clogged enough in the Republican-dominated House of Representatives, a common, inexpensive household item has become the focus of a hot political war almost in the same manner as tea became the impetus for the colonial dissension leading to the American Revolution.

The freedom of choice, while always the quintessence of a democratic way of life, was never thought to mean buying whichever light bulb suited your fancy, but that’s what it had come down to before last week’s vote to block the ban on ordinary incandescent light bulbs that was ominously slated to begin January 1, 2012. And the light bulb has become the symbol of the freedom of the American prerogative of choice and may well become a big issue for the up and coming election year.

In a magnanimous speech last month, presidential candidate, Michele Bachman, promised the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in New Orleans that if elected, citizens could buy any old light bulb their little hearts desire.

Technically, what passed was an amendment to Republican Michael Burgess’s amendment to the Energy and Water Appropriations bill. In essence, this bill blocks funds needed to enforce the federal light bulb standards stipulated in the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

The bottom line about the light bulb war is that it is not what it seems. On the surface, it appears to concern sustainable living via energy conservation, but in reality it is about the freedom of choice and its combatant; the demand for less energy production.

Who will win and who will lose this war which has become one of green rage?


The American people, that’s who.


Anybody have a light-bulb going off in his or her head about what to do now?


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