Oddities Left Behind By Virgin Atlantic Passengers

It’s difficult to believe that airline passengers could leave behind an urn filled with ashes and even an artificial limb, but sometimes they do. Although in terms of numbers (12,000 annually), the most commonly forgotten items are books, even larger items like a wheelchair used by actor, Kevin McHale, from the TV series, Glee, was found on board and returned to its owner. In addition, Virgin Atlantic claims that more than 10,000 pairs of eye-glasses and 5,000 mobile phones are left behind on planes every year.

In the words of Laura Hutcheson, flight services manager at Virgin Atlantic:

“Passengers leave all sorts of items on planes, ranging from the predictable to the quite unexpected. I was surprised to find an artificial limb left behind by one of our upper class passengers but was delighted that we were able to re-unite them.”

Part of the problem is that when passengers board and depart airplanes they are often in holiday mode and not thinking about their belongings. Even when they are reminded, their heads are somewhere else in the land of fun and adventure.

As odd as some of these things left behind are, some of the items passengers have attempted to check in for storage in the plane’s cargo hold are even more bizarre. Most of these came from information at JFK Airport and they include: an unwrapped, unpackaged bath tub, a pet tarantula hidden in a passenger’s coat and perhaps the topper of them all, a dead cow wrapped in plastic!

If all of this makes you think of that movie, It’s a Mad, Mad World, who could blame you?

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