The Chevillotte (Very)Table Pool Table Should Be On Every Man’s Wishlist

There’s nothing revolutionary about all-in-one-tables. For years we’ve seen multipurpose tables that can be converted into an air hockey, pool, or ping pong table. But that’s for kids. While some companies have created more adult, and practical, tables that can be used for recreation and living, none of them have come close to the Chevillotte (Very) Table Pool Table.

This pool table makes limited space in your home or office a problem of the past, since it can be used for a desk or dining room table as well. Not to mention that it’s true purpose as a pool table can be be easily hidden. The table has an external dimension of 233 x 138 centimeters, and a game area of 190 x 95 centimeters. It’s constructed from steel and composite materials with a brushed aluminum finish. The cloth of the pool table is manufactured by one of the most well known pool table cloth makers around Simons. Best of all the table is a mere four inches thick.


You can easily, and quickly, convert the table from a desk to a pool table through a cranking system. You simply remove the table top, which are three reversible pieces, and store them in a well hidden drawer under the table. The slate, cushion rails and 16 billiard balls are also stored in the drawer when not being used. This means that all of the pieces to the table are in one convenient and compact space, as opposed to scattered throughout the house.

The Chevillotte (Very) Table Pool Table not only looks sleek and contemporary, it’s also been said to be one of “the most practical and best designed pool tables” out there. If this couldn’t get any cooler you have different options on the type of table finish and top and cloth color that would best fit the decor of where you’re placing it. The only downside is the price. It’s a bit pricey at around $20,000, but if you had that kind of cash, this would be a no-brainier of an investment.


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  2. Wow, what an awesome table! A little to rich for my budget, but if I had the cash that would be mine. It would look great in any bachelor pad.