Amog Presents: Gripping

There is no point in taking your life seriously considering you will eventually end up dead in the end. No one is exempted. That’s why you need jump into every fad that could give you a good laugh… even if it means making a total fool of yourself. You end up doing that effortlessly anyway. So why not do it intentionally and get bragging rights for your genius.

You know what they say, only a genius can do comedy.

Last month it was Coning. It’s when you order an ice cream on a cone. When it is handed to you, instead of holding it on the cone, you take it through the ice cream. What will follow is several golden seconds when you race against gravity, weather and the ice cream’s nature to melt so you can eat as much of the ice cream before it completely melts on you and/or the ground. I know, it’s totally moronic but it’s also the whole point.

Well a new kind of stupidity has just arrived – stupid in that kind genius kind of way. It’s new, it’s fun and it’s called gripping.

Just go and order drinks and make sure it comes in one of them plastic cups. When it is handed it to you, crash it while it is still in the hand of the crew. Make it quick and make it count.

Then laugh at the dollars you just spilled all over the floor.

Now, this is still new so don’t expect the other party to laugh with you. Understand that in their eyes, you will look like a total moron and/or a total jerk.

Watch the video as a Jersey brother drives through McDonald’s to order Sweet Tea just to crash it in the server’s hand.

Totally stupid… totally funny.

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