Fake Testicles Cause Legal Confrontation

The birthplace of that fanciful dance of the 1920s, Charleston, South Carolina is the site of a most unusual legal confrontation involving the violation of obscenity laws and the right to hang plastic testicles in the back of a pick-up truck.

The perpetrator in question is Ms. Virginia Tice, aged 65, who had the misfortune early last month to stop at a convenience store at the same time the police chief, Franco Fuda, was passing by. He wrote a ticket after noticing the odd dangling device known affectionately as Bulls Balls and Truck Nutz.

While certainly ridiculous, the ticketing was justified legally, as South Carolina law considers any bumper sticker, decal or device indecent when it describes sexual acts, excretory functions or parts of the human body. The offense is actually punishable by a maximum fine of $445.

One Charleston law firm, Savage & Savage, took pity on Ms. Tice and offered to represent her pro bono. Originally scheduled for next week, the trial was postponed temporarily and no date has yet been set.

A jury must decide whether this act is criminal behavior or merely an expression of… whatever. It appears to be a comical issue even in the eyes of serious lawmakers. The police chief who ticketed her claimed that if the fake testicles were a free speech issue, it’s not clear what on earth they would be tying to express.

Some states are seeking to ban the sale of these…er…colorful plastic or rubber devices but as of now they are simply novelty items.

If this is indeed an offense punishable by a fine, what if Ms. Tice had been naked while driving? Would her fine have been any higher? And what if the police chief had been naked when he gave her a ticket, but then, I go on…

Check out this video below.

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