Chinese Couple Sell Kids To Keep Playing Video Games

These days, there’s no telling what parents will and won’t do when it comes to the internet and gaming; with gaming being ultra-realistic and providing an escape from the everyday pains of life; with the stock market crashing, and unemployment looming in the double figures, would you give your kids up to play games at the internet cafe? This particular Chinese couple did, selling three of their kids in exchange to play games at an internet cafe; only when a relative turned them in did they get caught. Guess how much they got for the kids? How does $9700 sound? Sounds like anyone could make a long lost love between a gaming addiction and tons of idle time come true with that sort of money!

According to Newsy-

“Li Lin and Li Juan sold their baby daughter for approximately $500 as well as two sons for $4,600 each. The Sanxiang City News reported that the couple were turned over to authorities by Li Lin’s mother.” While selling children is illegal in China, the couple’s defense was a little unorthodox. They claimed: they didn’t know. Digital Journal says that isnt’ as far off as it may sound. They say other Chinese laws may have confused the young parents. They report… “According to Sanxiang City News, the newspaper which originally reported on the couple’s actions, neither Lin nor Juan knew that selling their children was illegal. In China, where a one-child policy is heavily enforced, it is likely that the couple–both allegedly under 21 years of age– sincerely did not know that their actions were against the law.” A writer for Dvice reacts saying, we’ve seen this kind of behavior from electronics junkies before, but never like this. “We’ve heard of young teens trading kidneys for iPads, virginities for iPhones and weirdos who eat deep-fried PSPs, but parents selling their kids to fund Internet gaming addictions? That’s new and insane.” But is it really that simple? A writer for Gather says that gaming or otherwise–an addiction is an addiction. “It’s more than a case of deadbeat parents; the egregious act is tantamount to a crack cocaine addiction. In both instances, the instrument of addiction is needed over and over as the person chases another high.”

Reader, are you eyeing your crying child right now wishing they would turn into an Xbox 360? If so, shame on you!

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