The Amog Music Spotlight: Allen Samuels Showing How to Live the Life

Amog is pleased to present our interview with 55-year-old casino executive Allen Samuels, who recently cut a hot record called ‘livin de life’. You can imagine how much money someone with 30+ years of casino experience has under their belt, and in the video Allen makes sure he’s in the finest suits and private jets to show just how good he’s livin’, and now has the attention of Def Jam and lots of media outlets right now. He has a passion for Hip Hop music that is inspiring and needs to be shared with those who are in harder times at the moment.

What are some specific artists you draw your rapping inspiration from?

Tupac, 50, Chris Brown,Game, Drake, Rick Ross !  I like everyone!

For anyone wanting to get into the casino industry, where is a good place to start?

Ahh Good Question, haha. Business is tough today, I know I started at the bottom and worked my way to the top in marketing… with alot of perseverance. But its good to know all aspects of the casino  from the front desk to dealing to marketing.

What is behind your living de life philosophy that separates your music from the ‘hustler’ perspective of other musicians (Ace Hood, Drake, Etc.)

My life is more real … I’m really a casino exec that’s a real hustle , Hip Hop is fun for me.  I play basketball, I rap, I work out… but the Casino is real hustle and it all comes together for the total package for me.

We at Amog love how you encourage people to not give up, no matter where they might be in their lives; can we expect a debut album from you, or will you stick to viral videos/singles?

Stay tuned! I’m a work in progress,  Just feelin’ it!

Any advice on how to fix the current state of the economy? He’s got the plan!

How are you helping others in achieving the life they dream of living?

Just by being a good person… treat people fair and good things will come

Are you currently touring for your music?

In the process of putting that together… you want to book me ?

If you had to choose between money or the power, which would you pick?

it’s not about money or power,  it’s about having fun! Power comes from with in, and a strong network.
Thanks for your time!

Thanks for the love! @asamuelsmusic on twitter  pick the single up on Itunes as well!



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  1. Brooklyn Steez says:

    Allen Samuels Is My Homeboy !! Livin De Life !!!