Revenge of The Fast Food Workers

We at Amog couldn’t stop laughing when we came across this video of fast food workers catching on to a trend that was becoming too widespread for too long; how many broken ice cream cones or crushed cups of iced tea before someone gets seriously hurt? For any fast food worker who comes home frustrated from being mistreated at work, we hope you watch this video and rejoice at the revenge taking place.

If you are at all familiar with our previous articles on coning or planking, you’ll know the internet has formed some of the craziest things that people all over the world can now do since they saw it online. This spells disaster, and the latest victim is the fast food industry, as people order ice cream cones, take the ice cream from the cone while the server is handing it to them, and drive of. They don’t even pay! Frustrating, but in the video we see revenge in the form of smearing the ice cream in the patrons face, throwing the ice cream cone at the patrons car, and one lucky guy gets it crushed on his head!

Reader, if you have been up to no good at your recent drive-thru, we’d love to hear about it! Being the alpha males that we are, we get bored going for joyrides and hitting mailboxes with baseball bats; we’re always up for something new. Just make sure you don’t fail when planking (which results in death) or get creamed at the drive thru when cone-ing. Amog loves the cone-ing idea, but we also think it could open up for a disgrunted worker doing something crazy at the drive thru. What will America think of next to do while at the drive thru? So many options, so little time! (Evil grin)

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