Company From New Jersey Uses Sins of Sagging to Create Company

It’s only a matter of time before a clothing company decides to improve on something everyone else complains about when seen in public; for some reason as people get older, sagging becomes more offensive- whether or not you do it yourself, if you have the entrepreneurial chops of company Sagz, then you most likely are gonna sell some pants! According to, these jeans have boxers built in to them, so saggin can be adjusted to a level. Amog just has one question- those who consider sagging offensive would find it moan and groan if even an inch of boxers were shown, right? Exactly. They should have an ‘Urkel’ line of clothing in case you need to go somewhere that no sagging is tolerated.

Either way, the only upsides we at Amog see in this company is that there is no need for a belt with these types of pants- still would you consider picking up a pair of these? Amog would rather chill at the Ralph Lauren store and get polo jeans and polo boxers, Sagz doesn’t have the stylish appeal yet and would probably be better off making clothes for jail inmates to prevent them from sagging. While they are busy doing that, they can also invent soap that doesn’t fall out of their hands..we digress.

So reader, has Sagz convinced you that they are the pants you should be buying your kid (or yourself for that matter)? With school already in session for some people, maybe you should invest in a pair and see if the principal keeps breathing down your neck a lot about your sagging, or your parents keep nagging you about it after you buy em. What have you got to lose? We should mention these run pretty expensive, with only two models each on the $80 range. These jeans better come with free movie tickets or something, we’re in economic downgrade!

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