The Amog Hero: Slain Cop With Final Act of Kindness

We at Amog don’t always like when the police come around and mess up our fun, but with this marine reservist and hero we owe our gratitude and an exception to the rule. For 36 year old Jeremy Henwood, his final day was spent buying some cookies for a kid who didn’t have enough money. He then asked the kid what he wanted to be when he grew up. After responding that he wanted to be a basketball star, Henwood replied, “well you gotta work hard for that”. The little boy replied ‘thank you’, and then Henwood left.

Henwood was reported pulling alongside a black Audi at 45th street and University Avenue in City Heights. Someone in the Audi pulled out a shotgun, pointed it out the passenger window, and show Henwood in the head. San Diego police Capt. Jim Collins had this to say:

“He was not attempting to stop the suspect vehicle. He had no idea that was the suspect vehicle.”

Half an hour after the shooting, police were able to track the suspects’ vehicle three blocks away to an apartment on 48th street. One suspect died after a violent exchange of gunfire with police, and the 2nd suspect was believed to be in the apartment Saturday night while SWAT maneuvered outside.

What a sad ending to a life well lived; we should always remember our days are numbered on this earth, and while planking and the pranks people pull on each other can be fun and all, we should contribute a meaningful existence and make a difference to whoever we meet. Whose life have you affected today, reader?

Amog doesn’t give cops enough credit sometime. I always liken the kindness of cops to a time when i was almost late to a dentist appointment. After asking a cop sitting in her car if she could help me find my way, she told me she was busy and couldn’t help me. About a mile later, somehow she found me and gave me a ride to my appointment, helping me get there in time and avoid a nasty late fee. Till next time Amog reader, stay out of trouble!






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