Amog Presents: How to feed the homeless

We see homeless people all the time as the Amog boys go to the supermarket for some beers and bratwurts to watch game, but have you ever thought of a cool superhero way to actually feed them? Take after the example of comedian Tom Mabe, who posed as a Sargent and called a local eatery to let them know the two homeless men outside of their establishment were really ‘special agents’ disguised as homeless people. After a little bit of talking on the phone, he orders a couple cups of coffee and sandwiches. Guess what happens five minutes later? You’ll have to watch the complete video to find out-

Amog loves to see when human beings can do creative things to help others out; we encourage you to be thankful for whatever you have as well. In today’s recession, think about how much worse it could be instead of always desiring what others have. There are people with masters degrees homeless right now, even those with extraordinary talents like singing and rapping. Speaking of singing, we at Amog would like to present a singer named Sung-bong Choi who stole the hearts of the audience at Korea’s Got Talent:

At 22 years old, he’s lived in circumstances that weren’t too great. He claims to feel like a different person when he sings, and indeed when people hear him nothing but tears come to mind with such a great voice he is gifted with. From selling gum and energy drinks on the street (for 10 years no less). Ever lived by yourself since 5 years old? This young man has been through more than you and I can ever imagine, and look what he has overcome.

This especially means a lot to me personally since my personal army of haters are growing like fungus under my toes. People shouldn’t be so unfriendly at a church of worship..

That’s okay though, anyone who opposes Amog or myself gets their neck snapped immediately. We hope you enjoyed our post today! Remember to love everyone and make your visions of peace come true!


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