“Rich Bigot” by Hot Snow: ‘Those People’ Had it Coming

Being a musician is perhaps the most difficult profession in entertainment. It can be an overwhelming world of travel, late nights, sporadic paychecks and of course, the drugs, sex, rock and roll. Comedians live a similar hard-living lifestyle. You need discipline, self-control and pure genius to stand above the crowd. Maybe this is why when one can combine the two successfully, you’ll find some of the most gifted people in show biz: calling out Justin Timberlake, Will Smith and Jamie Foxx to name a few.

When I think of these type of performers, I reminisce about Saturday Night Live. Whether it was frequent host Steve Martin, alums like Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon, or most recently, The Lonely Island, SNL has always been in the forefront of blending music and comedy for maximum laughter. There’s performers like Reggie Watts, Stephen Lynch, Zach Galifianakis, and Bo Burnham that can also execute the fusion of music and comedy to perfection.

And then there are diamonds in the rough, the future stars, like today’s AMOG find Hot Snow Comedy. Hot Snow is comprised of newcomers Mike Targus, Eric Townsend and the man simply known as Christian.

In their second video “Rich Bigots”, the trio takes a fresh twist on old, familiar targets by combining them: racial stereotypes and rich WASPy jerks.

Once at a party, I was introduced to someone that the grapevine said “had family money” aka didn’t earn it themselves. He looked me up and down and I guess I didn’t have on the right AJ colorway because he had “dismissed” all over his damn face.

Well these guys must’ve had a run-in with that same d-bag because they wrote a song about “those people we love to hate”. Check how they messed with four races and a lesbian (sounds like a dirty joke intro).

Keep on eye on these guys, because they’re on to something.

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  1. Erik says:

    The Lesbo is Smoke'n HOT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!