The World’s Most Expensive iPhone Case

It does seem at least a bit fitting that the largest and most expensive iPhone case in the world was found in luxurious Las Vegas, Nevada, a town of glitz, super sports-cars and razzle as well as dazzle. But even extravagance can be over the top and when it is, despite its trappings, it is often vulgar and in poor taste.

Meet the largest and most expensive iPhone case in the world, which was discovered by iDownloadBlog. It’s on display for the entire world to be blinded by at the Miracle Miles Shops at Las Vegas. Located at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino, this specialty shop, as well as the 169 others of its ilk, represent cutting edge trends in fashion and accessories that are unique and even out of this world.

The cost of the enormous iPhone case, which features 300+ Swarovski Crystals, is $40,000, give or take a few pennies. If you are wondering about how one would go about using such a large case, the answer is you can’t. It’s all for show, show and more show.



Of course, if you are already in the store and have a burning desire to spend money just for the sake of it, you can purchase a crystal case for your smartphone for several hundred dollars.


[images via gamerzpedia]

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